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Read is RoundAboutMedia’s Publishing division. It is currently focusing on developing a strong traditional and digital book concept/business. One of our publishing innovations is that we are doing something we call Problem-based publishing. In problem-based publishing rather than focusing only on what the author wants to say, we focus on providing the solutions to the readers problems.

We currently have two new imprints: Alchemy Business Press and Usable Books.

Alchemy Business Press - a specialty business imprint that focuses on books that create value. Knowledge. Useful. Power.

Alchemy Business Press is an author centric specialty business imprint assisting entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders market and grow their organizations through the printed word. We provide our clients with the comprehensive support and education to write, publish, market, and sell their books, while simultaneously helping them to expand their platform and influence because of their book.

Usable Books - books for ordinary people. Useful. Practical Actionable.

Usable Books is a author centric imprint that produces useful books for ordinary people. Our aim is to publish a wide range of non-fiction books in areas including but not limited to self-help, reference and lexicons. Usable Books is also the producer of the - The Quick and Dirty Guide® series of books.