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Communication is RoundAboutMedia’s Division that conveys information to the public. The information can be created by us or created by our customers. Most of these activities are under the umbrella of the company, We Are PRTM Agency.

We Are PRTM is Scandinavia’s first research based Public Relation(ship) firm. While other firms give you the same old, tried and true methods, because they have used them for years. We won’t. What this means is that we are constantly conducting research to determine what’s is techniques, methods, and tactics are working today. As a result, we offer the exact techniques, methods and tactics will work for you in that particular situation.

With this in mind, We Are PRTM is in a BETA phase right now. It is NOT looking for new clients now. It is developing and testing methods on a small group or related firms. When they are ready, they will let you know and open the doors for new clients.